What I Buy at Trader Joe’s (and what I skip)

I love Trader Joe’s like many of you! It’s about twenty minutes from my apartment so it’s a monthly at max trip for me. There are a few things I buy there and only there, some I like to pick up occasionally and some I can skip. I love to know what others have found among the handwritten signs – so tell me in the comments what you love! 

  • Frozen vegetables- Trader Joe’s has frozen vegetables with a little something extra. This fire roasted corn is great in a dip or creamed corn recipe. The grilled cauliflower is something extra to roasted ( I like it with buffalo sauce) cauliflower

  • These cookies. I have no idea what a Dress Circle is but they apparently make delicious crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies. These remind me of Nam’s Bits- a boutique staple in the south. 

  • Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese Frozen. This stuff is so good. I buy a few at a time and it is delicious and easy. You microwave this and I love it! It has less calories than the original and apparently when they reduced the guilt they reduced the price because this is a dollar less than the original variety. 

  • I buy all sorts of crackers and party things at TJ. This set tastes like the name brand but is much cheaper. 

  • Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce. This pasta sauce is good- like vodka sauce but a little darker. It would make a great base to a soup. I think it’s easy with linguine for a carb heavy quick dinner (enhanced guilt)

  • Fresh flowers – every time I go to TJ I treat myself to the $3.99 bouquet of flowers. If you have fresh flowers in your house, you are an adult. Scientific fact.  At Christmas you can find cheap live wreaths and they last forever. I would know because my neighbor has had one on his door since last Novemember. 

This is the same bouquet – I bought these tonight! 

Other things I buy:

  • Frozen spinach artichoke dip- it tastes like real deal restaurant dip
  • Hummus- so many varieties. Such a low price. Check the dates on these- they vary greatly. Some good for over a month, some a few days.
  • Pita chips- I read these were made in the same factory as Stacy’s and cheaper. Don’t quote me but they are good.
  • Stick butter- when I need it, this is a good price. 
  • Organic salad greens- check the dates but comparable to grocery store prices and organic
  • Goat cheese. The only place to buy it in my opinion- big quantities for good prices, little quantities for nothing. Throw some in your scrambled eggs, and thank me later.
  • Dips- if it’s in the dip section I think it’s usuall good.
  • Greeting cards- $0.99 and great quality paper. I pick up a friendship birthday or sympathy card whenever I go. I love sending mail and the cards you grab absent mindedly at the grocery store are often $3-5 (and not as cute!) 

What I skip

  • Beverages- the sparkling water is disappointing and overpriced. I have started buying Canned Polar for my nightly sparkling lime water. This is my routine because it feels like a night cap but it’s no calories.
  • Salad dressing- I’ve never been impressed
  • Desserts- they are way too tempting and way too plentiful.
  • Cookie butter. I know. I know. Cult classic, but the calories are off the chart and just because it looks like peanut butter doesn’t make it the same. This is cookie in goo form. I like the flavor, so if I’m craving it I’ll buy a biscoff cookie.
  • Meat- I think it’s over priced. I skip the chicken, beef and pork here in favor of a local store. The only exception are flavored Italian sausages which are a good price and flavorful. 
  • Bread- I don’t think it lasts long and I’m not a bread eater.

One thought on “What I Buy at Trader Joe’s (and what I skip)

  1. We don’t have a Trader Joes within 50 miles of our home but when I get near one, it is the Maple Pecan Crunch cereal. It is also our son’s favorite cereal, so I buy a couple of boxes.


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