French Onion Chicken Thighs

I feel like chicken thighs get a bad rap compared to their friends the chicken breast. I love a good slow cooker chicken breast recipe, but chicken thighs are moist and inexpensive so I figured I’d give a crockpot recipe a shot. 

I wanted to serve the chicken with some simple sides so I wanted flavorful, but not too complicated. I decided to give cooking them with canned French onion soup (I used Campbell’s)- it turned out so well and the chicken was delicious!

I used frozen chicken thighs – bone in/skin on – that I purchased on sale. I paid $4 for 5 pounds! I used my mini crockpot- hint! The exact crockpot I have will be for sale for $4.99 on Black Friday at JC Penny! I am picking up another! 

To make the French onion chicken, simply lay the chicken thigh(s) in the bottom of your crockpot and cover with 1 can French onion soup and a third can of water. I cooked on low for 8 hours, and left it on warm for another hour. When it was done I used my tongs to pull off the skin, and grab the meat from the bone, right in the slow cooker. I plated the chicken, and poured the contents of the slow cooker through my colander over the sink and discarded the (gross parts) skin and bones.


 I served this with skillet roasted creamed corn, which I made with the roasted frozen corn from Trader Joe’s. We just got a Trader Joe’s and I must say one of my favorite new hobbies is coming up with reasons to go to Trader Joe’s. To make the corn I melted 1 TB butter, 2 TB cream cheese and a third cup of milk in a skillet and added corn and salt and pepper to taste.

I also served with a Knorr rice side, which I buy on sale for $1 and divide in half and cook. To divide, measure half a cup of dry mixture (shake around first) and cook with a little less than 1 cup water according to package. 



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