Making things work

I make a lot of things that are designed for families work for just me. Below are some examples:

Full casseroles:
I cook full casserole recipes, mix them in a bowl , cook one right away and freeze the rest in throw away tins

I try to think ahead and unthaw one of these the night before.

I make cous cous and freeze one cup servings in plastic quart sized bags and microwave for a minute in the bag.

I buy a frozen loaf of garlic bread, cut it frozen and freeze in a zip top bag and take one out at a time.


I also buy big frozen bags of vegetables and keep them sealed in zip top bags and take out a cup at a time and cook in the microwave, on the stove or in the oven to accompany all my meals.


Some other things I do are freeze marinara or pasta sauce with meat in individual servings and cook or buy casserole sides and cut into individual pieces and freeze in bags (see above).

What are your great ideas for making big servings work for small or single families?


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