DIY jewelry display

I have two confessions.
#1: I am shopaholic. I love to buy pretty things. I love buying fun and funky necklaces, earrings and bracelets to top off my outfits. I have so many fun accessories that I just wasn’t thinking to put on. It’s a crime to leave the house without some sort of shiny thing on, I think, but I was doing it ALL. THE. TIME.
#2: I am a jewelry loser. As in, if I don’t have a specific place to put something when I take it off it’s as good as gone down the kitchen sink or in the vacuum.

In order to combat these problems and make sure I was wearing and keeping up with all my jewelry I built a DIY jewelry holder. I wanted something easy, that had all my jewelry on display so I could quickly find something to match every outfit. What I came up with is a two part system- a framed earring display, and a necklace/bracelet hook and knob system.


For the earring display, I bought a plaster frame at Hobby Lobby- 40% off and it came to about $15. I bought a piece of wire mesh from a local hardware store and batted my eyes enough that I had the guys cut it to the exact dimensions of the frame. I used a flat head screw driver to bend the mesh into place.


To make the necklace display I bought a piece of wood, had it cut to 14 inches long right at Home Depot, and spray painted it white. I bought a couple of gold hooks and knobs and screwed them in evenly across the board. I added some picture hangers on the back and that was that. This part probably cost me $12 total.


I know that isn’t the most descriptive tutorial, but I created this before I had a blog and didn’t think to take step by step photos. Please let me know if I can answer any questions in the comments. It should be pretty easy to replicate, build on or use as inspiration. I have really enjoyed this, and it has helped me to wear all my jewelry and definitely improved my track record in losing accessories!



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